Don’t Fear an Empty DC

Thank goodness for Chanukah this year. If there’s one thing I consistently hear about DC during the winter holidays, it’s that it becomes a ghost town for young professionals. We’ve already discussed this phenomenon during Thanksgiving, but it rings even truer for this time of year.

Luckily, this year Chanukah spanned a good chunk of the straddling week between Dec. 25 and New Year’s Eve, giving DC Jews something to do if they aren’t able to go home or on vacation. And Chanukah events are not the only ones on the roster for late December.

So don’t despair for those reading this and still in town.  As Rabbi Teitelbaum said last night at Mesorah DC’s Café Night, the Torah learning still has to go on. So too does DC’s Jewish social scene:

  • On Wednesday, Matisyahu will be at the 9:30 Club (in case you’ve been living in a Maccabee-style cave and haven’t heard about this already)… So if you haven’t found tickets for the event yet, keep trying. Given recent events, it seems like this would be a good performance to check out, even if to satisfy morbid curiosity.
  • Chabad is having its usual dinner and learning session this Wednesday too, so RSVP now and grab some dinner with fellow DC Jews left behind.
  • If you have any time off on Thursday or Friday, help a synagogue make minyan. With the numbers of in-town folks being scanty this week, most synagogues are probably in need of a few good men and women. If you don’t know where to start to find a synagogue for you, we’ve already got you covered on a primer to find one.
  • And if you’re really that tremendously bored above all these suggestions, then you can look at GTJ’s updated photo albums from recent Chanukah soirees for the thirty-sixth time. They make excellent (if not ersatz) fodder for playing Where’s Waldo or I Spy at your next DC Jewish get-together.
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