Jewish Girl of the Week – Anne

You participated in the Gather the Jews date raffle. What was it like?
As a self-proclaimed feminist and the daughter of one, I thought that I would have an  issue with walking around with a big sign on (in this case it was a big red bow).   But I gotta say, there’s something pretty fantastic about being on the market. Gather the Jews also did a great job.  It was a great group of people and really fun event.  We should do those more often!
You work on an Army base. What does this entail?
Working at Andrews Air Force Base means guys in fatigues, the sound of jets flying by, and getting stopped by the president’s motorcade when I’m already late for a meeting.
We’ve heard you’ve had some pretty rocking parties at your house in Annapolis. Tell us about them.
I’m flattered!  It usually goes something like this —  I cook way too much food, G&Ts are served promptly at 10, and I impose my love of the Allman Brothers on everyone.  We discuss whether to subject the greater downtown Annapolis bar scene to our shenanigans or to spend the remainder of the night playing flip cup.  There is usually late night swimming involved.    It’s pretty much an excuse for my DC friends to get out of the city for a weekend and enjoy the water and for my high school friends and I to pretend that we’re still 16.

You’re a surf camp extraordinaire. Where have your adventures taken you?
Surfing dominated my life the two years I lived in San Diego and I surfed a lot of different spots in Southern California.  It still means a lot to me but it’s tough keeping it up on the East Coast.  Last spring I decided to take some time off and go by myself to a surf camp on the ocean in Costa Rica in a town called Mal Pais.  You meet people so much more easily when you travel by yourself, by the time I left I felt like a local and made friends with fellow travelers that I will keep the rest of my life.  Mal Pais is described as Maui 50 years ago, it’s one dirt road with nothing but surf shops, some bars, food and yoga studios.  When there’s a full moon, there’s a massive dance party on the beach and the whole town comes out to celebrate.   Paradise.  Next surf trip will have to be South Africa I think.

You just celebrated Thanksgiving. Any holiday traditions?
Saturday after Thanksgiving, my whole extended family comes over, it’s a pot luck, and we play football.  Think “Wedding Crashers”– “crabcakes and football!”–except we are not nearly as classy and Bradley Cooper is not proposing to me at dinner.  I have 16 first cousins, half of whom are married and have started multiplying so our numbers are rapidly growing every year.  This Thanksgiving we had around 50 people over, 15 of whom were either half-length humans running around screaming or still being bottle fed.  It’s loud, messy, and hilarious and my favorite day of the year.

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