Jewish Guy of the Week – Josh

New Question:  Why do you deserve to be Jewish Guy of the Year?

  • J oshua M. Strenger
  • ntertaining
  • hiskey drinking (l’chayim on Shabbos)
  • utgoing
  • riendly
  • rustworthy
  • appy
  • xciting
  • iddish speaking
  • xtremely good looking
  • vailable for Bar Mitzvahs
  • eady to take on the duties of Jew of The Year

We always see you at Cafe Night, why?!
Not just cafe night, but all Mesorah events. In-fact it seems I am everyone’s best friend at Shabbat, I wonder if it’s because I am pouring the wine and l’chaims! But it all started a little over two years ago, it was a crazy night! Everyone was in costumes, yelling, and partying! I found myself waiting in line for a drink at the Mesorah Purim party. Those who know me, know I am not very good at waiting my turn, so I walked behind the bar and the next thing I knew it was two hours later and I was still behind the bar and serving with a Rabbi! That’s when I was convinced to join Monday’s classes! Although there is no bar Monday nights I have learned to love pizza with ginger! No, I don’t mean pizza and sushi, I mean pizza topped with ginger. Don’t knock it till you tried it.

But serious now, Mesorah has made me an ambassador and it is probably because I am a huge fan! I look forward to Monday’s and it’s not just for the free dinner, but the learning and the time spent with the folks that I now consider great friends. Rabbi Motzen’s class has opened my mind to so much more of Judaism than I ever knew existed. Rabbi B has attempted to teach me Hebrew, but that’s not going so well. It is a great excuse to go and hangout with some of the best people DC has to offer.

What is great about living in DC?
Have you looked outside! It’s like I live in a museum, everywhere history, there is never a dull moment.  From my old apartment I could see the Washington Monument.   Now I can walk down the block and be at our nation’s Capitol. It never gets old! Everyone I have meet has a story and amazing experiences like nowhere else I have been.

What is your favorite Jewish song?
Dodi li. Back in USY I was in love with Rucha, that my AOL screenname was “Do di li va ani.”

Where are you going for Channukah?
India! Going to visit my brother who is studying abroad there. I will be flying back on Christmas, I wonder if the kosher meal will be Chinese food!

Who is your favorite Mesorah Rabbi?
That is a though one! I think they are all amazing and deserve medals… it is not easy to deal with me.

What is the best part about being in the DC Jewish scene?
The people! Every time I go to a Jewish event in DC I feel like I am in an episode of “Cheers,” everyone knows your name. And yes, I really do try to remember everyone’s names I meet at Shabbat dinner!

Describe your most memorable Shabbat.
I would have to say the summer before coming to DC I was on a Meor trip in Israel and we spent shabbat at the Western Wall and it was just an amazing feeling! Me, my best friends, no phone, no talking, just time to reflect. And of course the food and Gold Star helped too.

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