Over 250 at GTJ event

GTJ’s Most Eligible event by the numbers:

  • Day:  11/17/2011
  • In attendance:  Over 250
  • Raffled:  10 highly eligible men (stallions) and 10 high eligible women.
  • Prizes:  43 prizes given away.
  • Total worth of prizes:  $1,806.00
  • Total worth of date raffles:  You can’t quantify the type of charm and beauty we had up on stage.
  • The number of amazing emcees we had:   1 (Joshua Novikoff — thank you so much!)
  • The number of super event admins we had:   Many!  Jodi T., Sara S., Karen S., Josh Y., Jon H., Brian W.
  • The amount of our gratitude for our event sponsors:  Tons!  Please check out the organizations that made this event possible.
  • The number of pictures taken:  Over 100.  See them on the GTJ Facebook page.
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