Jewish Girl of the Week – Heidi

What is your favorite thing to do at work?

Play games on Facebook and Instant Message.  And when I’m not doing that, making presentations to techies, lawyers, and teenagers about the joys and perils of data breaches, online privacy, and sexting.

Tell us about 3GDC.
3GDC is a group for grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, and their friends and supporters, in the DC area.  We are dedicated to carrying on the lessons and legacy of our grandparents who survived the Holocaust.  The group provides educational programming, community service, and social activities.  We just hosted a well-attended happy hour and are looking to increase our membership and profile in the Greater DC Jewish Community.  You can “like” 3GDC on Facebook for more information!  

Who is the most Jewish videogame character?
Hmmm… There are so many things to work through here.  Is he hairy? Donkey Kong. Does he have a medical degree?  Dr. Mario.  Was he fighting in back alleys after Hebrew School let out?  Probably not, so there goes any of the characters from Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter.  I really can’t think of one, but I have always had a theory that Frodo might be Jewish.

Where is the coolest place you travelled?
I’m a big traveler, so that’s a serious question for me.  And I’m always torn between the mystery of archaeological sites and the amazement of natural wonders.  But I think my top pick so far would have to be Iguazu Falls, which straddle the border of Brazil and Argentina.

Finish this sentence, the best thing about DC Jewish life is…
Aside from the endless supply of happy hours, I really love the warmth of the DC community.  I am a big fan of how on any given Friday, there are tons of options for Shabbos and no matter where you end up, there is always a friendly face and people you know to welcome you.

What is your favorite Jewish dish?
The only correct answer to this question is my mother’s brisket.  Maybe her matzo ball soup would also be an acceptable response.

What was your favorite elective at summer camp?
Music appreciation: where your counselors wore out their mix tapes of James Taylor, Steve Miller Band, Allman Brothers, and The Grateful Dead on their boomboxes.

We heard you are a nontraditional lawyer, what does that mean?
I’m the Director of IT Policy & Privacy Officer for Georgetown University.  Universities capture a lot of sensitive and confidential data (think about what you had to include on your admissions and financial aid applications).  My job is to know what the University is collecting, where it’s stored, who’s accessing it, and what all the different laws and regulations are governing that data.  I’m also the University’s Digital Millennium Copyright Agent, which means I am the point person for all of the entertainment industry’s copyright takedown notices for peer-to-peer filesharing on Georgetown’s network.

Six years in DC is a long time, do you feel like a real Washingtonian?  
I definitely feel at home here, and I’ve managed to navigate multiple bus routes, so that should count for something.  But I can’t deny my Jersey Girl roots – I’ll always love my big hair and Bon Jovi.  And my taste buds will always miss a good slice of pizza and a fresh baked black and white cookie.

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