Hello, Goodbye

You know what’s sad? When you’ve been in D.C. just long enough that you’ve made a great new set of friends, and already a few of them are leaving.

I recently had my first experience saying goodbye to new friends thanks to the infamous nature of D.C.’s transient young professional scene. Because if there’s one adjective I’ve consistently heard since coming here, it’s that dreaded T-one. I also learned that even a few more new friends will be leaving the area in the upcoming weeks. (For those of you reading and know who you are, you’ll be missed greatly.)

So what do you do when you find out your new friends are leaving?

Replace them.

Kidding, of course. In the case of a couple friends, it helped to go to events or places in the community that they were involved in that I didn’t normally or previously attend. After all, whether it was a synagogue they loved or a charity they helped out, these institutions were what made those friends special and comprised who they were.

For example, one friend loves knitting. She participated in the DC JCC’s Handmade for the Homeless program. So stopping by on Wednesday night this week from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. could be one way to think of how she contributed to the area.

Another friend was a regular Kesher Israel attendee. I got the opportunity to visit the synagogue last weekend thanks to that friend, and was reminded of how great the community is there. Visiting again, whether for Friday night services or Wednesday night learning, is definitely in the future.

There are definitely plenty of ways to remember these friends, and you never know—if they come back into town, they might need a way back into those programs and institutions that you’ve now joined. There’s a great deal of benefit into letting yourself be inspired by those who cross our paths in D.C.

If you really are all about making new friends quickly and easily, while I won’t support replacing your old ones, there is this Gather the Jews event on Thursday I can’t not tout… If you’ve really missed the big banner at the top of the website, just click on the link to get more information on what will likely be a huge social event.  [Editor’s note: I swear we didn’t make her write this. But, yes, you should all come. It will be awesome.]

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  1. Stephen Richer
    Stephen Richer says:

    I know. So sad. If DC:

    1) Gained statehood
    2) lowered its ridiculous tax levels
    3) was able to hold onto its residents

    then I would definitely want to stay here.


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