International Shabbat with Mesorah DC

If you don’t yet have plans for this Friday night, check out Mesorah DC’s “International Friday Night Services and Dinner” at Sixth & I Synagogue.

In addition to a dinner from around the world, you’ll get to hear a bit of Jewish wisdom from Rabbi Teitelbaum.  To get a taste of Rabbi T, check out this week’s “Mesorah Minute” video:

Lech Lecha from vitaly on Vimeo.


For those of you at work and unable to turn on the audio, the gist of it is this:

Three relationship pointers pointers from this week’s Torah portion, “Lech Lecha.”

  1. Your spouse should always see you as your number one priority.  “If you have a date night, never try to find a way out.”  Abraham pitched Sarah’s tent before his own, clearly putting her needs before his own.
  2. When you have a dispute, you should always make up.  When Abraham and Sarah dispute about how to raise their child, Sarah said, “Hey if we can’t figure this out, then we’re going to have ask somebody else (God).”
  3. When it comes to relationships, it’s not always about right and wrong.  …  It’s not about winning; it’s not about logic.  In the Torah portion Sarah expressed her discomfort with Abraham’s relationship with Hagar.  Even though Abraham felt he was right on the point, he acceded to Sarah and ended his relationship with Hagar. “You can be right, you can be wrong, or you can be married.”

A couple thoughts in response:

  1. If on an airplane with Sarah, would Abraham secure Sarah’s oxygen mask before putting on his?  This violates airplane policy.
  2. What if you have a dispute over whom to go in the case of a dispute?
  3. I don’t feel this is just the “paranoia of women” Abraham did, after all, marry and have sex with Hagar.  But then again, this was originally done with Sarah’s permission.  I wonder what Anna Batler would have to say about this…
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