Jewish Girl of the Week – Sharilyn

You recently moved to D.C. How are you liking it so far?
I love it! I moved here from Florida and just last week went to services at Sixth & I for the first time. I went with my new friend, Casey, and unexpectedly saw nine people I knew from the University of Florida. Nine people! Some were visiting, others lived and worked in the city. That’s what’s so great about this place. I can wander, explore, and see something new everyday while feeling comforted by the fact that I have connections I never realized.

You work as a counselor at a treatment center. Tell us about that.
The treatment center is for adolescents with behavior and substance abuse issues. I work with boys ages 12 to 17 who struggle with addiction, depression, suicidal and homicidal ideation, etc.  My job is to help these boys understand and complete their treatment goals so that they are able to go back into the world and use effective coping skills to deal with life’s pain. It’s intense. Some days I leave with a heavy heart – often wishing I could do more.

You wrestled in high school. What was your experience like?
Oh my gosh! Where do I start? I was the only girl on an all-boys team. I had no wrestling experience. No history of the sport in my family. And no practice doing take-downs on my younger brother. I joined the team because I wanted a challenge. Since the age of three I was invested in a sport – gymnastics, dance, diving, track, competitive cheerleading – and I was ready for something new. Something more intense and more aggressive. I wanted to sweat. I wanted to compete. I wanted to play with the boys. I attended every practice and every match – sometimes in my cheerleading costume and makeup in preparation for a competition later that day – despite the bruises on my body and sheer exhaustion. I completed the entire season without a single win, earned the honorary name of Shedog, and walked away with 12 pesky, smelly, pre-pubescent friends.

What is the last Jewish event you attended?
The last event I attended was Viral Shabbat, a gathering hosted in the home of a local family from the Jewish community every month, following the Sixth & I service with Rick Recht. Dozens of individuals were welcomed to celebrate Shabbat, Sukkot, and the warm presence of family and friends. I spent the evening mingling with new folks, shaking the lulav, and singing more tunes with the honorary guest, Rick Recht. The energy was contagious and I know I’ll be back. Hope to see you there!

We heard a rumor that you floss and brush your teeth in the shower. Explain.
Haha! Yes! Of course! Who doesn’t? If I’m in the shower cleaning my 2,000 parts why should I skip out on my pearly whites?

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