Wrapping up the Holidays

I can’t really remember what happened at the end of the Holidays.  It doesn’t have to do with alcohol — although Rabbi Shemtov did force some of that down me — rather, it’s because some overly zealous dancing male Jew whacked me on the head with the metal top part that encases the Torah.  I was told this is a blessing.  Questionable.

But I do remember hearing great things about the events and huge Simchat Torah crowds at Adas Israel, Sixth & I, and The Shul.

Special thanks to our DC neighbors for putting up with our Jewish antics — I know that if people in my neighborhood would have gone into the streets and danced wildly, chanted to God, talked about reaching a higher spiritual plane, and waved holy texts in the air, I would have called the police or the Department of Homeland Security.

So since I can’t provide you with a written report, here’s some pictures from Sixth & I Simchat Torah and some from The Shul’s Sushi in the Sukkah.  If you have other pictures (Adas Israel Simchat Torah anyone?  Please send them my way):




























The Shul’s Sushi in the Sukkah


























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