JAM Mix ‘n’ Mingle

If we can’t do it here, really, where can we do it?

I’m not talking about elevating to the top of the Washington Monument  – which it seems we can’t do these days anyhow – I’m referring to Gathering the Jews and Muslims (GTJAM!) to meet, laugh, talk, discuss, volunteer, and, of course, eat together.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about the October 25th JAM DC Mix‘n’ Mingle event at Teaism in Penn Quarter. With still a week to go, there are 56 “yesses” and 45 “maybes” of DC-area young professional Jews and Muslims interested in connecting, with many more RSVPs to come, I’m sure.

JAM (Jews and Muslims) DC serves a “bridging” function – providing opportunities to bring together Muslim and Jewish young professionals in the Washington DC area through social, educational, cultural, and service activities, as well as publicizing these activities to serve as an inspiration locally, nationally and internationally.

We have much more in common (i.e., our patriarch Abraham, Semiticism, love of hummus) than not. Without developing personal connections, it becomes easy to rely on media stereotyping, which highlights our differences rather than our similarities.

Through JAM DC, I’ve attended Ramadan iftaars, watched documentaries, celebrated Passover seders, participated in unity walks, enjoyed home-cooked dinners, and most importantly, developed some great friendships with new Muslim and Jewish friends. All of these interactions have inspired me to believe that Jewish-Muslim relations can be fruitful, like JAM itself.

For this bridge-building JAM movement to grow, we need your enthusiasm and involvement!

Here are several ways to participate:

  • Join us for our October 25th event, eat, and make friends.
  • Go to our Facebook page, learn about us, and “like” us.
  • Send an email to us at jewsandmuslimsdc@gmail.com to be added to our database and receive updates and event invites.
  • Help to plan future JAM DC activities and events. We will soon be expanding our JAM DC organizing committee beyond Alex, Parvez, Courtney, and Stu!

Stuart Levy is a co-founder of JAM DC.

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