Did we just have a Moment?

Latest edition. Bernard Lewis... I'm a fan.

Um.  Yes we did.  Or at least I did.  Last night.  At Moment Magazine‘s happy hour at Iron Horse Taproom.

In addition to many of my favorite Moment Magazine staff writers, the event featured a raffle drawing at which I think I won (I had to leave early) a shirt that says “Did we just have Moment?”  It fits my awkward social nature.  Win!

In case you didn’t know… Moment Magazine is the largest independent Jewish magazine in North America.  Eli Wiesel and Leonard Fein founded Moment in 1975.

And the brains behind Moment is here in Washington, DC!  Yay.

Go to the website to check out the latest edition of the once-every-two-month magazine (including a riveting letter to the editor by yours truly).

And be sure to join Moment at its next Happy Hour (just follow GTJ).








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