GTJ Swann House Sukkah – Gather the Jews

Jews of DC,

We built this sukkah for you!

Come shake with us at the GTJ Swann House Sukkah. (email

Gather the Jews wants to thank all the dedicated Jews for helping to purchase, build, and prepare the meals for the Sukkah, including Mike (webmaster), Uri (Jewish Guy of the Year), Scott (Jewish Guy of the Week), Rabbi T., and  many more!

The sukkah is located at the GTJ house, and we will have a lulav and etrog available for anyone who needs to shake…

Email or call 347-450-JEWS (5397).  Contact Aaron ASAP, because he will have his phone off during the first few days of Sukkot.

Go Gather…

PS.  We will have Havdallah in the Sukkah on Saturday at 7:20PM.




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