A short Yom Kippur message from Aaron

[Click here to see the Yom Kippur Services (Friday and Saturday)]

It is that time of year again. We dust off the suit, hide our snack foods, and make sure we have our tickets printed before the big day. Fortunately for us DC overachievers, who work 60+ hours a week, we don’t have to worry about missing a work day because the fast for Yom Kippur starts on Friday night and ends on Saturday.

Whether you fast, go to services, and/or reflect about the previous year and this upcoming year, Yom Kippur is an extremely meaningful time for all Jews. We think about ourselves, our community, and the Jewish people around the world.

When I first moved here, I began a new chapter of my Jewish Journey. With thousands of Jews, dozens of organizations, and many strong Jewish leaders, the young DC professional Jewish community is amazingly robust and unique.  In the over 80 weeks I’ve worked with GTJ, I’ve really come to appreciate this, and I hope we’ve been able to spread the word.

At GTJ we are committed to building the Jewish community, and thankfully we have many options. Whether you want a reform, conservative, or orthodox service GTJ has all the information. Please click here to view all services and events as organized by the fearless leaders and devoted volunteers Stephen Richer, Noa Levanon, Jodi Tirengel, Mike Weinberg, Sara Sidransky, Michael Lipin, Maya Linson, and the rest of the GTJ Tribal Team:

Yom Kippur Services (Friday and Saturday)

On behalf of GTJ, have a wonderful New Year and a meaningful Yom Kippur.

Aaron Wolff





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