DC Jewish Blog Round Up

So perhaps none of these posts are specifically about Rosh H, but it was the first picture I came across...

In case you weren’t able to read the other local Jewish blogs this week, here are a few of my favorite articles:

The Blog at 16th and Q:


  • Technology: A Relationship Breaker or Maker?: Samantha asks whether technological developments are good, or whether we yearn for the days “when [we] were in elementary school and [we would] sit by the phone after school waiting to see if [our] crush was going to call?”  Woah.  I definitely wasn’t dating in elementary school, and as for whether technology is a good thing, my answer is a “definite yes.”  Without text messages, I don’t think I could have ever gone on a date.  (As it is, my grand total is probably below 5).

Jewish Policy Center:

  • What the Palestinian Street Wants: Samara Greenberg shares a recent poll from the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion:  “more Arab East Jerusalemites prefer to become citizens of Israel than citizens of a future Palestinian state, with 35 percent choosing Israel and 30 percent choosing the future state. The remaining 35 percent either declined to answer or said they didn’t know.”  Shocking that they should prefer to live in a country of economic prosperity and individual liberty…

Washington Jewish Week:

  • White House to get new Jewish liaison, sources say. Adam Kredo keeps us updated on the White House’s latest shuffles in Jewish outreach.  This must be further evidence that the White House is totally unconcerned about losing the Jewish vote.
  • Putting Israel in present tents. Meredith Jacobs says Jewish students and parents now have one more thing to consider when selecting a college:  “Is it friendly to Israel.”  Certainly local campuses UMD and GW are, but The Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC) is looking to expand this list.

Mesorah DC’s “A Pondering Jew’s Blog”:

  • Tickets for the big event: Rabbi Berkman tells a story about the difficulty of finding high holiday tickets.  He also questions whether we should have high holiday tickets.

Capital J blog (JTA):

  • Mr. President, Jew say janitor?: Ron Kampeas shares this humorous Jewish slip from President Obama.  Poor guy… he’s probably been thinking about Jews since NY-9, and he’s speaking all the time… It’s no surprise then that Jew accidentally got substituted for janitor.


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