Impact DC!!!!

— Pictures below and on the GTJ fan page

— 90 more pictures, taken by A. Wolff and Ben Droz are available here

Over 200 young professional Jews “Impact(ed) DC” last night at the Adams Morgan Mansion.  The event raised approximately $24,000 for The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, so mazal tov and thank you to everyone who contributed to our community!

As for the event itself…  I have to say that the Jew crew cleans up nicely.   And of course there were lots of stunningly beautiful and talented former Jewish Guys and Girls of the Week in attendance! (including Shelley, Casey, Karen, Ricki, Courtney, Meredith, Rachel, Yelena, Abby, Julia, Nate, Nathan, Jon H., Jonathan S., Ben F., Ben S., Brett, Jeremy, Zach Z., Michael N., Spencer G., Micha W., Kenny A. — 24).

Shoutouts to Josh S., Michael N., and, of course, Aaron Wolff as my three favorite dancers of the night.

I didn’t make it there until 9:50 PM (softball game followed by dodgeball game, sorry!), so I didn’t hear the speeches, but I heard good things, and I’m going to get the full report from WOLFF soon so I can post it here.

The place was set up very nicely and Federation did great job with putting their little digital picture frames around the area with different quotes on how people have impacted Jewish DC.  The desserts were fancy and nice — especially the chocolate pudding.

Only a select few (the elite) made it to the after party at Napoleon.

But enough about this.  You probably just want to see pictures.  So look below and/or click here.

We’ll be adding pictures to our Facebook page throughout the day. So check back.

Special thanks to Sarah A., Avital I., and other Federation staff members for throwing the wonderful party.

***Update.  Only complaint… they didn’t play Party Rock Anthem.

Jon H. Author of our recent football dating column!










Four former Jewish girls of the week and one GTJ staff member (and one of my favorite people).













Former Jewish Guy of the Week Ben. Ah yeeeeuhhh.









It’s not an official GTJ blog post until we feature, mention, or picture Jeremy R.













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