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This morning (Friday) at 9:30 AM, the Jewish Community Relations Council and the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington hosted a vigil for Alan Gross.   Despite the rain and depressingly dark skies, over 125 activists attended the rally.  Several members of the JCRC spoke, as did the wife of Alan Gross.

Alan has spent the past two years in prison in Cuba.  His island stay started as a professional trip to help the Cuban Jewish community.  Unfortunately, the Cuban government dislikes both the United States and justice, so they arrested Alan on nonsense charges (“Actions against the integrity of the State”).   Since being in prison, Alan’s health — and the health of his family — has declined precipitously.

The JCRC has worked tirelessly to free Alan.  Today’s rally capped a JCRC effort to get thousands of signatures on this petition for Alan’s freedom.

Alan is near and dear to us because he is:  1) An American, 2) A Marylander (is that what they’re called?), and 3) a Jew.

Please sign the JCRC petition today if you haven’t already.  If you want to know what else you can do to help Alan, please email

Many thanks to thanks to community members, and JCRC staff members, Adina and Arielle for helping put this vigil together.





Press play below for JCRC president Harvey Reiter’s speech. (The first few seconds are hard to hear before the microphone is adjusted.)












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