Why I bought an Israel Bond

To buy an Israel bond, email  Michael.Hoffman@israelbonds.com today!  Be sure to mention GTJ!

As Danny F., Jon L., Steve D., and Sarah V. can tell you, I’m no financial guru.  Far from it.  My money goes into my debit card account.  And I check it.  Occasionally.  I think I also have a number of CDs somewhere.  And a mutual fund.  But I assume that’s worthless now.

I did, however, stay at a Holiday Inn a few months ago, and it led to a good decision: I bought an Israel Bond.

Israel Bonds are a great way to give to Israel.  Except it’s not really giving.  You get your money back.  And some interest.  In fact, given how low interest rates currently are in the United States, and how poorly the stock market is doing, you might make as much, or more, by buying an Israeli bond.

And it really does help Israel.  Revenue raised from Israeli bonds goes toward ports, highways, water and energy projects, and even the Iron Dome missile defense system.   Israel’s Accountant General wrote that, “The Israel Bonds Organization serves as a security blanket for raising foreign currency for the country…”

So by buying a bond through Israel Bonds, you 1) make a safe financial investment and 2) you help Israel.  Win.  Win.   “Everybody’s hands go up…   And they stay there…”  (Get the reference?)

Also, Israel Bonds is flexible.  You can invest as little as $100 (and I seriously doubt there’s any maximum amount), and there are multiple investment time periods.

In fact, I’m so pro-Israel bonds that I promise to match at least the first $1,000 invested in Israel Bonds by GTJ.  Yay!

So if you’re interested, email Michael.Hoffman@israelbonds.com today!  Be sure to mention GTJ!



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