Game Strategies for Dating During Football Season

A pink jersey?! Jon Halperin hates us a little bit right now.

September means that college and NFL football are back and that baseball season is wrapping up.  In a little more than a month, we can add hockey to the list and with it a chance for DC to get its heart broken again actually win at something.  For those in the dating world who happen to be sports fans, the question often comes up if attending or watching a sporting event is a good date idea. As long as both participants follow a few rules, meeting up to watch some sports can be a fun date.

Is a sports date right to begin with? Ask yourself…

  • Have you met the person before?

Sports events often run from around 2-3 hours. If you haven’t met the person before, remember that you’re going to be stuck with him or her for quite some time, for better or worse.  If they show up and you find out the pics they used online were actually photos from Microsoft’s Clip Art gallery, tough luck for you.  On the other hand, it provides something to break the ice and removes a little of the awkwardness from meeting up.

  • Do you prefer to talk to your date a lot and have his full attention?

If so, then this is probably a bad choice.

  • Do you actually expect to enjoy watching sports?

There is nothing wrong with trying to take an interest in what your date enjoys, even if you’re not personally addicted to Monday Night Football. However, if you tell your date that you’re a huge football fan and then ask why the QB keeps sticking his hands under the center’s ass, you’re going to look bad.  If you don’t want to go watch a sporting event as a date, just say so. There are plenty of other options.

What to wear:

  • Guys:  As someone who (stupidly) believes that my jersey or lucky t-shirt helps my teams win, I completely understand wanting to wear your favorite item of clothing. However, a lot of girls will not be as understanding about you wearing the jersey you haven’t washed in a year because your team is on a hot streak. They will however notice that it smells like you borrowed it from the homeless guy down the street. So throw on some nicer (and clean) clothes in your team colors.  Let’s be honest: half of our wardrobe is made up of this stuff anyway.
  • Girls: Do you have anything related to the team or the sport? Instead of wearing the normal date outfit, throw on a jersey or a t-shirt. If I see a girl wearing something from my team, it almost always makes her look cuter to me. Also a girl in a jersey or sports t-shirt looks more laid back and easygoing.  The one exception is pink colored (not pink brand) jerseys and apparel.   I think there is a special circle of hell for the people who created this fashion faux pas. While it’s not necessarily true, it screams that you are a bandwagon fan and you don’t really know anything about the sport. Just leave it at home.  If you don’t have any stuff from the team or the sport in general, just wear the team colors or at least don’t wear the colors of the opposing team you’re going to watch.

Where to watch:

Finally, if you and your date are going to see a specific team, going to a bar where the whole place is cheering for the same team can make it more fun. If you’re not a Ravens or Redskins fan, below are some places to watch the other Northeast teams. All of these places have good specials, too:

  • Eagles: Rhino Bar (Gtown 33 and M) and Sign of the Whale (19 and M NW)
  • Giants: Front Page (Dupont)
  • Steelers: The Mighty Pint (19 and M NW)
  • Patriots: Mcfadden’s (Foggy Bottom)

[Editor’s note: Mr. Halperin seems to have forgotten that not all of us cheer for Northeast teams.  Sadly, there is a dearth of Colts-watching bars in the central DC area, but Bears fans should consider Madhatter (Dupont). For a more complete list, click here.]

[President’s note: Halperin does indeed seem to have forgotten this.  Based on my birth and educational travels, I can tell you that Madhatter also serves as something of an Arizona Cardinals bar and that the FAR more crowded Bears bar is Union Pub.]

Happy Dating,


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  1. Jon
    Jon says:

    Those Jerseys are cute! There is nothing wrong with giving women clothes that actually fit them. Traditional Jersey’s are generally pretty bulky.


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