Two great organizations, two great events

JNF event at Current

Jewish events afforded me my exercise last night.  I first walked from my office to the DC JCC (15 minutes), then from the JCC to Madhatter (12 minutes); from Madhatter to Current (2 minutes); back from Current to Madhatter (3 minutes… uphill); then finally from Current back to my office (10 minutes).

But I wasn’t the only one on the Jew circuit last night…  H/T Stephanie H., Julia M., Jason W., Avital I., Jeremy R., and others.

I’ll get to the DC JCC in another post, but a brief word on what went on at Madhatter and Current.

Madhatter (American Jewish World Service):

AJWS Global Circle packed the upstairs room at Madhatter.  It was so full that I couldn’t even take my phone out my pocket to take a picture (kidding… I just forgot.  Sorry!).  I’d say at least 100 people dropped in to the event, but I’ll get the exact number soon enough (Sources now tell me 135 people showed up!).  AJWS kindly gave each guest two free drink tickets.  They also had food.  Yumm.

The event served as an introduction to Global Circle, AJWS’s young professional initiative.  AJWS Global Circle steering committee member Stuart Levy told me, “AJWS is like the Peace Corps, but funded and operated by Jews.”  Or as Katie, an AJWS staffer, told me: AJWS assists marginalized people in impoverished countries through a Jewish perspective.  The group aids many people throughout Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

AJWS is based in New York and has over 100 employees.  It has a DC branch that is focused on advocacy work, but they’re trying to expand their presence in DC by recruiting young leaders who want to volunteer for the cause.  Many of these leaders — such as Stu — attended last night’s event.  The event’s principle organizers, Allie and Pam, are also steering committee members of AJWS Global Circle.

There are many ways to become involved with the group, including a mission trip to Uganda at the end of this year.  To find out more about how to get involved with AJWS Global Circle, contact Allie ( or Pam (

Current (Jewish National Fund):

Two minutes south, a similar event rocked the upstairs floor of Current.  Again, lots of people.  Maybe 125?  Good amount of food.  Not so sure what they had for normal food, but the dessert was phenomenal.

Like AJWS, JNF hosted this event in part to spread the word about its young professionals program.  Ricki M., Danielle T., Evan H., and Jordan R. — current young professional leaders of the organization — each spoke briefly about their involvement and some of the great stuff that JNF is doing.  The four passed out a bunch of brochures and other literature that explained how you can get back to Israel (for cheap or free on their Alternative Break to Israel!) and how you can make the Negev/Israel green.

Keynote speaker Jeffrey Abramson. Just pretend this is a magic eye picture... you have to look at it the right way for the quality to be decent

Jeffrey Abramson — a green building expert — served as the keynote speaker, commenting on his personal work, the future of green building, and the value of philanthropic effort.

To get involved with JNF…  Well…  just see this bit from the Facebook event — it says it better than I can:

Learn more and register at or find us on Facebook. Questions? Contact Michelle Wachtel at or 703-888-2235. Can’t make the event? You can still get to Israel with JNF for extraordinary week of community service and more:

Until the next Jew event,

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