Gather the News – Jewish News – 9/12/11

After a few weeks of Gather the News hiatus, I am delighted to say that it is back at last!  So let’s get gathering…

  • To get a free trip, to meet your beshert, and to… cure your diabetes?  Yet another excuse to get to Israel: just 20 minutes swimming in the salty Dead Sea reduces blood glucose level by an average of 13.5%.
  • New York city declares September 7th as Gilad Shalit day, marking his 1,900th day in captivity.
  • Former Christian Dior designer, John Galliano, is found guilty of making anti-Semitic comments in a Paris cafe, and he is charged with $8,400 in fines.
  • Much excitement surrounds Warner Brothers’ decision to partner with Mel Gibson, known for his past Jew loving comments, to make a movie about the biblical hero Judah Maccabee. [Editor’s note: Also check out DC local Jeffrey Goldberg’s interview with Gibson on the topic, at his blog on the Atlantic.]
  • Palestinians deny submitting official statehood papers to the UN.

Candace Mittel is a Gather the Jews summer associate

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