Jewish Guy of the Week – Micah

What brought you to DC?
Well, after four years attending the university that inspired the line, “Crab Cakes and Football. That’s what Maryland does.” I decided to leave the cozy and safe town of College Park, MD for greener pastures in DC. I’m here teaching 8th grade science at Hart Middle School through Teach for America. When I put down my preferences for teaching placement, DC actually fell to #2 on my list behind Colorado. The 4am last-minute decision was made with the understanding that I was an idiot for giving up on all those potential chances to go backpacking and kayaking in my spare time. Who knew teaching was going to be so EASY? (heavy sarcasm)

Why be a teacher?
First off, teaching is a lot of fun. My 8th graders are the wittiest, most rambunctious group of nudniks I’ve ever known. The things they come up with in class would make Mr. T smile. But seriously, teaching is an incredible job. I teach in a low-income community in SE where a good education is by no means a given. My 80 students are bright youngsters who plan to do great things. I teach because there is no better feeling than fostering intellectual and moral growth in a young person.  Teaching has been as fulfilling as it has been challenging: VERY.

What is the wildest thing you have done on a Wednesday night?
I was told by my cuz to leave out the treif on this one. One Wednesday night this past spring I made the hour-long drive from College Park to Hashbrown Temple known as Waffle House. It was late, and some friends and I were scouting out the closest House using the indispensable Waffle House iPhone app ( An hour and a half later we found ourselves dancing to “Meet Me at the Waffle House” playing on the jukebox with the lovely ladies holding it down on the late-night shift. It probably wasn’t actually the wildest thing I’ve done on a Wednesday night, but it was delicious.

Where can we find you on a Friday night?
You can find me exploring the DC davening scene, but I usually go to DC Minyan. You can also find me at my house in Columbia Heights where my roommates and I usually hold a weekly shin-dig. Just know that if you come over, you can’t leave before you make your mark on the floor-to-ceiling chalkboard.

What is your favorite kosher dish?

I’m going with my mother’s brisket. Everyone says their mother makes the best brisket. I haven’t tasted one yet that can hold a candle to Doryn’s slow-roasted masterpiece.
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