Jewish Girl of the Week – Shelley

YAD-MD, is a division of Magen David Sephardic Congregation, dedicated to bringing together young Jews in their 20’s and 30’s in the MD/DC/VA community. I started YAD-MD along with my co-chairs because we wanted to rejuvenate the community and encourage young professionals to be more involved with Magen David, and also to give young professionals in the community a safe space to network. YAD-MD offers social events, including happy hours, Shabbat dinners, educational programs,volunteer opportunities, and much more. Members of YAD-MD receive membership discounts to our social events and Magen David Sephardic Congregation.

We pride ourselves on our culturally and ethnically diverse community. The synagogue has members who are Israeli, Moroccan, Syrian, Persian, Iraqi, Turkish, Kurdish, and Ashkenazi, just to name a few. Members are from all levels of practices andobservances, be it Orthodox, Conservative or Reform.

Where will you be for Shabbat this week?
This week my co-chairs and I will be hosting Shabbat dinner at Magen David Sephardic Congregationin Rockville, Maryland. We’d love to see young Jews we haven’t seen before, so if you’ve never attended a YAD-MD event, now is your time to come check us out during the Shabbat dinner! Please visit our Facebook page for details on how you can attend.

If you could invite anyone to your Shabbat dinner table, who would it be?
Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller.

You are studying to be a Physician Assistant, what specialty do you want to work in?
I am currently in the GW Physician Assistant Program working on a Master in Public Health and Master of Science in Health Sciences. I also volunteer as social-chair of PULSE, the young adult division of the American Heart Association. I have always been passionate about volunteering in the community and working in the medical field. As a PA, I hope to make a greater contribution both working clinically one-on-one with my patients and ultimately with the government or a health organization.

What has been your favorite Jewish program that you have attended in DC?
Gather the Jews happy hours have been a great way to meet local Jews and network with the Jewish community. They have also been very supportive of promoting our YAD-MD events.

Of all the amazing Jewish women in the world, who is the most inspiring?
There are many Jewish women doing great things all over the world, however the one who has truly inspired me the most is my Ima. She leads by example as a strong Jewish leader in the community and a beautiful Jewish mother at home.

What is your favorite Jewish dish?
Bagels with lox and cream cheese – it never fails.

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