DC Jewish Blog Round Up

Shalomnova's Samantha challenges Erika's most recent GTJ post.

In case you weren’t able to read the other local Jewish blogs this week, here are a few of my favorite articles:


The Blog at 16th and Q:

  • Labor Day—Good for the Jews : Lili Kalish Gersch links to a number of pages that “link” Judaism and Labor Day.  Each of the links makes me twitch a little bit—we’ll see if I have time to write some rejoinders this week.

InTheMoment (Moment Magazine):

  • Singing a New Song: Steven Philp (who spells his name incorrectly) disagrees with one of MTV’s music award picks and suggests instead that those looking for the theme of hope in music should try a new Matisyahu song.  But if it’s hope you’re going for, I still recommend “All I do is win.”  Think about it, if you work really hard, you could win… all the time… like the U in the 80s…

Jewish Policy Center:

Washington Jewish Week:

  • Shake-up on J Street: Adam Kredo writes about the departure of one of J-Street’s top officials: Hadar Susskind.  J-Street has yet to name a replacement – my name is conspicuously absent from the short list.

Want to recommend a DC Jewish blog that we should be reading? Email Stephen.richer@gmail.com



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