Certified Kosher Yogurt Coming to Dupont, Columbia Heights

Tasti D-Lite will be replacing Tangy Sweet

Tasti D-Lite, the New York chain of yogurt shops, is coming to the DC area.

A friend of GTJ wrote to Tasti D-Lite asking whether or not their yogurt was certified kosher. Here’s the response (with links added):

Yes, our Tasti D-Lite product is Kosher. Our dairy mixes are certified by Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis. Our flavorings are certified by Orthodox Union. The toppings, which are sourced from several suppliers, are certified by a variety of supervising organizations, all of which are acceptable by Kof-K. Several of our centers are under rabbinical supervision, meaning that all the products sold in that particular location, not just Tasti products, may be kosher as well. Please confirm kosher status of products and stores with the manager of the center you visit.

Thank you, again, for your interest in Tasti D-Lite. Have a D-Liteful day!

While the ingredients are certified kosher, there is no word as to whether the individual stores themselves (franchises) have been certified kosher. If in doubt, make sure to ask your Rabbi for more information.


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