Jewish Guy of the Week — Nathan

1) We know you played baseball for John Hopkins University, but what position did you play? Batting average:? Can you link us to your player profile? Do you have any favorite Jewish baseball players? And have you been following the Jewish controversy over baseball great Ralph Branca?

I have heard of the debate about Ralph Branca. He is famous for giving up the ‘Shot heard round the world’ to Bobby Thompson of my Giants. So to be honest, I would prefer that the pitcher that gave up the biggest homerun in baseball history not be Jewish.

2) You also excel at another sport — Mario Kart 64. Which character do you play, and what are some of your favorite courses? Does your style of play say anything about your character? I remember reading a long article about how Donald Rumsfeld’s squash strategy really spoke to his general character…

My freshman year RA was a world record holder on some of the time trials, so I was able to train with the best. I race exclusively with Princess Peach, and I think that she embodies my character quite accurately. On one hand, she is a royal princess, who I am sure has many servants and more wealth than she knows what to do with. However, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty and grind it out on the race track, putting herself in danger each and every day. Even with all the riches in the world, she is still gritty and comes with a little attitude on the side. I would like to hope that if one day I am able to reach her social status, I will be equally determined, hard working, and thirsty for competition as she it.

3) Simple enough… What makes you a Jewish rockstar? How are you involved in the Jewish community here in DC?

I am a member of the Birthright Israel NEXT Alumni Committee as well as a recent participant on the Birthright Alumni Leadership Mission, which was co-chaired by the newest employee of the Federation, Casey Girard, and Jeremy Rosen. I believe GTJ said that one more reference to Jeremy would result in re-naming the site “Jeremy’s Jews” so I look forward to the name change (Editor’s note: Darn you!). I am currently working with Ricki Meyer on starting an organization to deliver care packages to Lone Soldiers serving in the IDF. If anyone is interested in adopting a solider or a group of soldiers in this year’s November draft class, please let me know.

4) You’re from the Bay Area… Is the West Coast the best coast or have you been won over by DC? What two things would you import from California to DC if you could?

Although I am having a great time in DC, there is no doubt that the left coast is the best coast. It’s a progressive, open minded area that is on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, not to mention it’s typically about 65 degrees in the winter time. The two things I miss the most from Norcal, besides my Mom, is the sourdough bread and the weather.

5) Say you have a free Sunday afternoon in your hood (a straight up thug town called Arlington) — how would you spend it?

I would start the day at the Gold’s gym in Ballston, also known as the ‘butcher shop’ because of all the meat on display. I would get lunch at El Pollo Rico which is right down the street from me, which may have the best chicken in the country. I would then proceed to the Ballston Barber shop, cause you can’t beat a fresh haircut and massage for just $16. I’d finish the day by the pool relaxing with my friends.












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