Jewish Guy of the Week – Nathan

You’re originally from Maryland. What’s it like to live in the area now as a “young professional?”
It’s invigorating as there is always so much to do. The energy from the young professionals in this area is contagious.  There is always something going on. I’m constantly amazed at the amount of networking events geared towards the young professionals crowd. What makes it even more unique is the fact that most of the times the events are spearheaded by a twenty something. The passion, drive, desire, and involvement in our area by young professionals is second to none and we should collectively be proud of our accomplishments. It makes living in this area fun and allows us all to get to know each other on both a business and personal level.

You’ve worked in NASCAR and sports radio. Tell us about those experiences.
I worked at XM radio for almost four years and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I developed a passion for radio in college and got my foot in the door at XM by producing a NASCAR show.  It became quite the joke that I was the only Jew in NASCAR.  We had an on air Christmas party special once and we received numerous calls from the shows faithful listeners wanting to wish me a happy Hanukkah. I got to attend a few races over the years which led to my first experience with both deep fried turkey legs and twinkies. Those NASCAR folk know how to eat! I moved on from NASCAR and became senior producer of the sports morning show and other shows such as college football and basketball. I was fortunate to meet and spend time with some great athletes, both current and past.  The waking up at 3:30am part of the gig was a challenge though.  No matter what anybody says, you never truly get used to it, especially as a 22 year old.

You’re now a commercial real estate advisor. What does this entail?
I love my job now working as a commercial real estate advisor for HBW Group. Everyday is different and brings with it a new challenge. I represent both landlords and tenants but my favorite part of the job is developing new business and gaining clients trust for all of their needs and requirements.  I’m passionate about my work and take a lot of pride in making a shidduch between leases and leassors as well as buyers and sellers.  These are relationships that I treasure and plan to keep long term.

You’ve said the beach is your happy place. What is your favorite beach in the area and why?
Coincidentally, as I type this I’m at the beach. Came down to ocean city MD for the weekend, which is where I visit the most.  I find it a great way to relax and unwind.  Those who know me well know that my favorite place to party at is Seacrets so I try to head east as much as I possibly can during the summer. My ideal summer day includes a book on the beach during the day followed by ice cream then Seacrets for happy hour.  Can’t beat that!

Your family is a big believer in tikkun olam. What are your current giving/helping practices?
Because of my lifelong education at Jewish Day School I have always shared a strong connection to Jewish causes. Helping those less fortunate has always been important to me as I was raised with a deep appreciation for our good health and comfort.  I grew up volunteering at the Hebrew Home in Rockville and even now am involved with the JCC of Greater Washington.  Additionally, every winter season my family collects warm clothing and we distribute to homeless individuals throughout DC. It’s great to interact and feel a sense of doing good, but most important is the fact that these people get what they need to survive.





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