GTJ's New Food Column!

In case you’ve missed it, Gather the Jews has kicked off the past two weeks with a food column! We intend for this food column to remain a weekly feature, every Tuesday.

Every other week, Audrey Horn will take you with her on a beginner’s journey of Jewish cooking.  She will try her hand at various traditional dishes and, while doing so, compare and contrast recipes from various Jewish cooking blogs.  Her first post featured kugel.

More advanced cooks might want to check out Courtney Weiner‘s column, which alternates weeks with Audrey’s.  This former Jewish Girl of the Week will be ‘converting’ popular recipes into kosher format.  Her first post featured the use of smoked salt as a substitute for bacon.

Have suggestions for either of our new columnists? Want to contribute a post or column yourself (hint: we’d love to have a regular column featuring Sephardi or Mizrahi dishes)? Write to

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