Jewish Guy of the Week – Jon H.

New Question:  “Why do you deserve to be Jewish Guy of the Year?”

Approximately three weeks ago, I received an email informing me that I had been selected to pay tribute to Stephen Richer, the President of GTJ.   I represent the No. VA district, and while it is often looked down on by those from the Capitol, I have shown this year that just because you are from an outer district doesn’t mean you can’t be a leader in the Jewish community.  The last year I:

  • Was on the host committee for the Jewish Federation’s  Impact DC young professional gala,
  • Helped organize multiple events for the Nova Tribe Series;
  • Wrote articles for GTJ;
  • Joined team 6; and,
  • Participated in many other community service events throughout the city including Danny’s Heroes and  a 5k for Lungevity’s Breathe Deep DC Chapter. The 5k supported lung cancer research.

We hear that you know seemingly ever bartender in town.  How’d you manage it?
That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I do know some people around town. I played in a free poker game at a bar in DC a number of years ago and because the prizes were great, and it was on an off night, a number of people from the restaurant/bar industry played. Also, the bar industry in DC is kind of like our Jewish community, everyone knows everyone else.  So once they get to know you (and more importantly know that you will tip them well for their service) they are more likely to make sure you are taken care of too.

You do stuff with computers that involves applications beyond MS Word, MS Excel, and Internet Explorer.  I don’t think I could even name another application (Adobe Acrobat Reader?).  So what exactly do you do?
I do computer security for large companies or government agencies. Basically that means I try to identify computer security risks before the bad guys find them and attempt to detect threats (such as computer viruses and cyber attacks) as they occur.

What are some easy steps average computer users could take to significantly improve their computing?
The one thing no user should ever do, is type Google into Google as this can crash the Internet. Seriously though, all computers should have up-to-date (patched software) and have an up-to-date anti-virus running. For more technical users, try out Firefox with an add-on called NoScript (it stops redirections).   Another easy thing to do  is to just stay away from doing is any financial transactions with your smartphone, odds are its laughably insecure.

What’s your official position with Jnet?  What does Jnet do?  And what will be the score of the Jnet vs. GTJ flag football game you plan to someday host?
I am the Co-Chair of Jnet along with former GTJ girl of the week Stacy. We  host social and philanthropic events in the Northern Virginia area. We have a location picked out for our next event and everyone should keep there eyes out for a great happy hour at the end of August. As far as football, I’ll let our play do the talking, but if all our  people commit Nova could do pretty well.

NFL lockout — whose side were you on?  The players or the owners?
It’s hard to have a lot of sympathy for two groups arguing over splitting up billions of dollars (sound familiar DC?) but a slight edge to players because of the concussions.

What’s Impact DC, and what’s your role in it?
Impact DC is going to be a upscale event at a mansion in Adams Morgan run by the Young Leadership of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington. It’s an opportunity for the Jewish community to come together and celebrate what we have done in the past years to improve to DC and also to look forward to how we are going to make the Jewish Community in DC and abroad a better place. Plus everyone gets to dress up in cocktail attire and there is an open bar. What’s not to like?

Describe the DC young professional Jewish community in 5 adjectives?
Involved, Giving, Active, Fun, Smaller than you think.

Three reasons why DC ownz NOVA:
Obviously you meant why VA is better:
1) Not only do I get to vote, but I get to vote in elections that are both actually close and meaningful.
2) I pay less taxes.
3) We have Wegman’s and you don’t.






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