Jewish Girl of the Week – Lindsay F.

New question:  Why do you deserve to be Jewish Girl of the Year?

Being “Jewish Girl of the Year” means …….

  • ook at this dynamic blonde – are you sure she’s really Jewish?
  • ndeed, she is!
  • ow ask yourself: with that blessing and brains, who wouldn’t be lucky to participate in her minyan?
  • evoted to her faith, the state of Israel and her passion for a great glass of wine… –
  • he’s the ideal representative of the tribe!
  • nd did we mention that she works in a synagogue? Start kvelling now…
  • es, it’s clear: Lindsay Fry IS the Jewish girl of the year!

Tell us something unique about yourself.
I’m a blond haired, blue-eyed, Jew from Kansas…

I hear you recently went to Israel on the Leadership Alumni Mission, and then you started a job in the Jewish world. How has this shaped your Jewish Identity?
My Jewish identity has absolutely evolved. To begin with, this was my fourth time in Israel, and it was vastly different from all my past visits. I had the great privilege of sharing this experience with 24 people from the DC Jewish Community. The things we saw and the people we met were truly amazing. That, plus nothing compares to making 24 new friends in the Holy Land while sharing wonderful experiences together. There is no question that my Jewish identity has grown after bringing these friendships and memories back to DC with me.

Additionally, upon my return, I started working at Washington Hebrew Congregation as their Membership Services Manager. I’ve realized that WHC isn’t just a great place to belong, but it’s also a wonderful place to work.

Beyond utilizing my experience in development and PR, I’m really enjoying the opportunity to carry my Jewish identity (and passion) into work with me and draw from it throughout my day. It’s really pretty sweet when Judaism can enhance my professional performance and my personal life at the same time.

It’s been a very Jewish summer for me – Jewish worlds collide!

You’re a blunt person. Has this ever gotten you in trouble?
Yes and no. I think it can get me into trouble with those that don’t know me. There have been times when I didn’t even realize the faces I’d made or the comments that just happened to slip out.

Here’s the thing, though: I really value honesty, even if no one wants to hear it. Most of the time people mistake the two. So yes, it can get me into trouble, if the person doesn’t like what I have to say, which at that point – sorry?

You’re a fan of a good glass of wine. Any tips for a deceptively cheap wine?
How exactly do people know I am a fan? Hmmm – I do love my wine, and I’m not ashamed. Few things can enhance an evening like a nice glass of wine. And yes, I pride myself on enjoying a quality glass of wine (especially with friends) for a reasonable price.

I actually take pride in my general ability to be a savvy and frugal consumer. This is definitely not limited to wine.  Right now I really am enjoying Ménage a Trois (Editor:  It’s really called this?), it’s a great table wine for a bargain price. It’s a blend of three different grapes, by Folie a Duex. Of course, for those keeping kosher, I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s all about the Manischewitz. Just kidding! I’d go with Borgo Reale Signi Bruenllo Di – 2005, but that’s a different conversation entirely…

What’s your biggest fear?
I have a very real fear of snakes and sharks. Sharks I can handle; I am well versed on what to do if I come face to face with one – this I have studied! Obviously so long as I’m on dry land I am more or less safe, which makes this a very manageable fear. Believe me though, anywhere near the ocean (on a plane, parasailing, on the shore) I think of ways in which a shark will get me.

As far as snakes go, well that’s just another story. Those little slippery monsters can make their way anywhere; through a vent, under the door, up the toilet… Think I’m kidding? I’m not. I truly do believe snakes are out there plotting, so be on the lookout (Editor: I hear they can even be “on a plane”). And for the record, I’m aware of entire cultures that fear snakes. Granted, most are in Africa, but still.

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