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Jewnity hit Public Bar today.  It felt a bit weird to be dancing and drinking in broad daylight on Sunday, but…  I had fun!

I didn’t feel the need to take more than one picture on my iPhone because some super pleasant guy from the Washington Jewish Week was working away with an impressive camera.  That being said, if you have pictures, email them to us (, and we’ll post them to this blog or to our facebook page.   We’ll also link to the Washington Jewish Week story as soon as it’s up.

As for the actual event…  LOTS of people. Maybe 250?  I’ll get the official count from Marissa (Federation), Allison (Sixth & I), and Stacey (Washington Hebrew Congregation) soon enough.  Perhaps another overly-crowded happy hour (reference to last Gather the Jews happy hour), but, again, may this be the worst of our problems.  I assure that we’ll work to fix this at the next GTJ happy hour (late August!).

I did manage to get a little space on the rooftop, however, and Danny F. and I busted out small, restricted versions of our “much celebrated” dance moves.  Shout out to Sara, Karen, Gideon, and Steffanie for joining in a bit… and shout out to Nicole (sp?) just because I said I would.

Lots of Jewish group representatives attended, so I hope you got to learn something new about a group.  If you didn’t, just email us, and we can put you in touch with any group you want to know more about.  If you met a tall GTJ ambassador with a hat, you met Aaron; if you met a small GTJ ambassador, you met Noa; and if you met one in between, you met Josh S.

I hope you also got some of the food.  It looked good.  Falafel style stuff (I didn’t get to it).

Oh.  And if you were one of the few that got a GTJ wristband tonight (see below), consider yourself lucky — we didn’t give out many this time.

More Jewnity updates to come.  Stay tuned!









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