Pictures from Israel Embassy's Intern Event

A couple of weeks ago, the embassy held one of its semi-annual intern events, to help acquaint DC interns with the various cultural and political facets of the State of Israel.

An embassy statement provides details:

The Ambassador started his briefing with a short anecdote about his relationship with newly appointed American Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro, and mentioned the advantages and personal benefits of working for the public sector.  He then opened the floor for questions, which ranged from the current status of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, to the domestic challenges that Israel faces with its growing Haredi population. When he was asked about Israel’s identity as a Jewish nation, Ambassador Oren responded by stating “Israel is affirmative action for Jews living stateless for 2000 years.”

Following the briefing, there was traditional Israeli food including pita, shawarma, and falafel. Upon exiting, everyone received a gift bag with traditional Israeli candy, and a “Did you know?” card with an interesting fact about the Jewish state. There is no question that everyone left the event well fed, and with a greater understanding of Israel.

Thanks to the embassy for providing the following pictures:




















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