Jewish Girl of the Week Tara P.

1.) You’re a hairstylist.  What are your hair tips for Jewish women and men?
For women, your Jew frizz is frankly…unattractive. Invest in a formaldehyde-free keratin retexturizing treatment, a quality blow dryer, and a quality flat iron. If your hair is beyond a nightmare, go Orthodox! Shave it off and buy some rockin’ wigs! You can have a different hairstyle and color every day of the week! Wigs can be cut and colored to fit you! For men, if you’re not bald, you’re winning.  Jews tend to have coarse dry hair. Don’t forget to condition, condition, condition! Always use a great pomade. I really like Bedhead Manipulator for men. For those of you who ARE balding, find a cut that works! Embrace the hair loss. Don’t spike it up with gel or the jelly-like substance gefilte fish comes in. This draws attention to nothing but a shiny scalp.  My suggestion is to continue going shorter. 

2.) You are a celebrity trivia genius. What is your favorite pop culture blog?
My favorite pop culture blog is my Facebook page. No, really, it’s It’s the BEST ever. Please check it out.

3.) When you’re not taming Jew fros, where can we find you?
Facebook and playing Words with Friends. Oh right, and temple, making various versions of homemade matzoh balls, and various gluten free kugels for those GTJ readers with food allergies. Currently, I’m studying to be a cantor and learn to carry a tune. I’m training with Kim Zolziack’s vocal coach so everything should move quickly. I also spend a lot of time reading the Torah. I read it now left to right, as I’ve completed reading it right to left.

4.) Who would be in your Jewish Real World House?
Hmmmm….7 strangers…me, Dr. Drew Pinsky (med dispension), Jeff Ross (to Host the post Roast to air on Comedy Central, TBA), Chelsea Handler, Andy Cohen (yeah, there’s a LOT of you, so not YOU, THE Andy Cohen), Lisa Lampanellistein, and DJ Pauly Delvecchiowitz

5.) What is your favorite Jewish holiday?
Chinese food, movies…Jewish Christmas!


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