How to fight the proposed San Francisco circumcision ban

I mentioned in the past that I have some philosophical questions about the practice of circumcision, but I also mentioned that I’m adamantly opposed to the San Francisco measure to ban circumcision because:

1) It has links to anti-Semitism (see our post here).

2) It’s a harmless — maybe even salubrious — procedure that leaves no obvious mark on the child and in no way impairs the child’s future life.  Therefore, there’s no reason to proscribe this religious act.

So if you want to take action against the San Francisco, then see the following JCRC blurb about what you can do:

Fight the proposed San Francisco circumcision ban

A blatant attack on the fundamental, centuries old Jewish ritual of circumcision is taking place in San Francisco. The proponents of this ban, fueled by anti-Semitism, are offering this extreme measure that would criminalize circumcision. A political action committee has been formed, the Committee for Parental Choice and Religious Freedom, that is sponsored by the JCRC of San Francisco. Make a donation to this effort at While this assault  on religious freedom and Judaism is taking place in San Francisco, it is up to the entire American Jewish community to provide the resources to help.

Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington (July 21, Newsletter)

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