Micha Weinblatt is an "entrepreneur to watch" (CNN Money)

Photo from the CNN Money article. Taken by Keith Barraclough Photography

“Micha Weinblatt is not your average T-shirt designer.”

You’re darn straight Micha’s not average — he’s a former Jewish Guy of the Week!

But aside from this unnecessary factoid, the CNN Money article on Micha and his college-started T-shirt store “Crooked Monkey” is quite good.

My favorite part is the last paragraph:

Weinblatt’s startup capital included $25,000 from initial sales, personal savings and four maxed-out credit cards. Today, Potomac, Md.-based Crooked Monkey brings in $750,000 in revenue and has 10 employees.

The shirts sell at Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Kitson, Fred Segal and over 550 other retailers worldwide. Asked if he still has plans to run for office, Weinblatt said, ”Not after the T-shirts I’ve made.”

Click here to read the entire article.



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