If you feel like I feel, soccer only merits attention for one month out of every year or two. But when the World Cup (men’s or women’s) does come along, it should be celebrated with gusto. Why? Because it’s one of the most public opportunities to evince American Exceptionalism. GDP statistics, nuclear warheads, Nobel Prizes, Olympic Gold medals, and other indicators of United States supremacy are all well and fine, but were the U.S. to win the World Cup while reminding the other nations that, “By the way, we don’t even like this game,” it would be the ultimate coup de grace.

As such, I invite you to join me for today’s Women’s World Cup Semi-Finals in which the United States will take on France.  The game starts at noon.  I will head over to Buffalo Billiards (Dupont Circle) around 1 to watch the second half if anyone wants to join.

Follow the game on ESPN here.


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