Jewish Girl of the Week – Julie

1.) You have a unique background. Explain.
I moved to the United States from Moscow, where I was born, shortly before the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and there seem to be a lot of things that I missed while I was “on the boat.” I didn’t actually come over on a boat, but that’s my excuse when I can’t relate to cultural references my friends slip into conversations like pining away for New Kids on the Block bedding (Editor’s note: I want this!) or blowing into Nintendo cartridges to make them work.  A fun fact about me is that I was able to choose my own “American name” since mine doesn’t have a direct translation. Julia, Julianne,  Juliet…I considered them all and settled on Julie. It was a tough decision to make as a five-year-old!

2.) We hear you spend your day on Facebook and get paid for it! Is this true?
Not quite, but I do work as an Online Marketing Manager which means that I’m responsible for optimizing my company’s presence on the web whether it’s through our website, Facebook, and other social media channels, or partnerships with blogs and industry new sites. I tweet. I tumble. I check-in. And if there’s a hot new website or online product, I’ve probably heard of it and tried to convince my friends to test it out with me.

3.) And you’ve also put your professional skills to use in your personal life?
Yes! I have a blog where I write about the intersection of technology and dating. We’re the first generation tackling courtship in a digital way and it’s fun to try to navigate this uncharted territory. One of the most popular posts discusses the appropriate time frame for Facebooking someone you’re dating; people all over the world are trying to figure out the answer! You can read more at

4.) You also write about exploring DC. What’s recently been your best discovery?
I can’t believe I’m about to give this secret away but M Street Bar & Grill has a FABULOUS brunch! I recommend going on Saturdays: $20 for three courses and unlimited champagne or mimosas is a deal that simply can’t be beat. Also, the Kennedy Center has a really great rooftop from which you can see Virginia, Georgetown, and all the monuments. I try to take visitors up there if I have a chance; not only is the Kennedy Center (and the nearby Watergate Complex) a landmark in its own right, but the view is spectacular.

5.) As an explorer, what’s a trip that you would like to take?
I love to travel and the past six months have taken me to Vegas, Venice, Milan, Miami, and Nashville (Editor’s note:  Doesn’t Vegas have all of these cities?). I studied abroad in Paris my junior year of college and was fortunate to be able to travel around Europe but I didn’t get to some of the off-the-beaten-path places before I ran out of time. I hope taking a cruise down the Danube River and having the chance to see the countries it runs through,
specifically Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Switzerland, is in my future.

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