Guy of the Week – Elie

1.) You’re from Baltimore. What are your favorite hangouts there?
I personally prefer the lowrises to the towers, but Hamsterdam is definitely a good place also. Another cool spot is Joe’s Liquor Store near Northern Parkway – ordering through bullet proof glass is a rush!

2.) We’ve heard that you’re an extremely enthusiastic baseball fan. Explain.
I was a short, mostly unathletic Jewish kid growing up – what other sport was I going to play?! I was essentially bred for the game since Baltimore didn’t have any other major sports when I was a kid. Inspiration for my love of the game came from some of Baltimore’s real great legends: Jeff Reboulet, Brook Fordyce, Randy Milligan, Buddy Groom. Also, part of the territory for being a baseball fan in Baltimore is that you have to be irrationally optimistic in order to survive, so extreme enthusiasm is a necessary evil.

3.)  You served in the Israel Defense Forces. What did you do during that time?
Kicked butt and took names. In 2005 I was drafted into the Kfir Brigade, a combat infantry unit that specialized in fighting Palestinian terrorism in Gaza and the West Bank, and I served there for around a year and a half. My inspiration to serve in such a unit came from some of Hollywood’s great films: Rambo, Rambo II, Rambo III, Rambo IV and my all time favorite movie, Hairspray. It was a “busy” time to be in the army — the end of the second Intifada in the West Bank, Gilad Shalit’s kidnapping in Gaza, and the Second Lebanon War — so the infantry units had a lot to do, but I obviously don’t want to bore the readers with those stories and details!

4.) You work for the American Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE). What do you do there?
Well I don’t know how to put this exactly, but I’m kind of a big deal; a very important person. Let’s just say that people know my name, though that might just be because I randomly handed out my 500 business cards one night at the bars in Adams Morgan.  When in Rome, right?!

5.) Which Jewish events will we spot you at?
If I told you that would just spoil the surprise for all those eager DC ladies I am sure will now be on the lookout for your new Guy of the Week…

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  1. Insider
    Insider says:

    Other things worth mentioning about Elie: spent years lending his melodious voice to Suburban Orthodox Congregation youth services, cuts his own hair, eats pasta with cottage cheese, and a former Tour de Court Champion.


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