Jewish Guy of the Week – Brett

You just got back from the Birthright alumni leadership mission. What was your favorite part?
Let’s see…besides the amazing co-chairs Jeremy Rosen (GTJ Note: If we get 1 more Jeremy shout-out, we’re just going to rename this site “Jeremy’s Jews”) and Casey Girard, the staff and 22 other participants, it had to be a visit to an organization called the Ayalim Association.  Ayalim’s goal is to revive a Zionist model of community building in Israel, led by young Israeli men and women. They are truly pioneering the periphery regions of Israel, and the idea of pioneering really resonated with me. Seeing the work that they do with my own eyes made it one of my favorite parts. It was also great that this organization and its programs used to be primarily funded by the Federations and now it’s 75% funded by
the Israeli government.

You’re frequently spotted at 6th & I. Explain.
It’s true, I’ve been going there for over 3 years now and I’ve been known to be there up to three times a week sometimes. I may be taking a class, at Shabbat services, seeing a concert or just participating in the Afikomen Scavenger Hunt. There’s so much that 6th & I has to offer. I also serve on the Advisory Board for their young professional programming. 6th & I has become quite a home for me in the D.C. Jewish community. Come find me there and hopefully we’ll find something for you.

Who would play you in a movie about your life?
That’s a tough one to answer. I have a small list of celebrity doppelgangers that I’ll share first. Lately I’ve been told that I look like Bobby Flay or Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitch from “Modern Family”). Maybe Seth Green could play me in a movie, not Austin Powers style but more like Can’t Hardly Wait. He’s also a ginger and a Jew (GTJ note: how did you miss this cutest DC redheads list too?!).

What do you think is D.C.’s best kept secret?
As an Arlingtonian I’m not sure I can tell you D.C’s best kept secret. I will share with you the best pizza place I’ve eaten in Arlington and I just discovered it.  It’s called Pupatella and its traditional Neopolitan style. It’s about 10 minutes west of the Ballston metro off Wilson Boulevard so slightly off the main path. I’ve been told it’s better than 2Amys. If you ever want to check it out just let me know, I’m already in for another trip.

What is the last concert you saw?
The last concert I saw was a Black Eyed Peas concert.  This wasn’t just a regular concert.  It was one of those Fathom one night only events that they advertise for during movie previews.  So yes, my last concert was in a movie theater.  It was an interesting experience, certainly not like a live concert, but I couldn’t say no to my 11-year-old niece when she asked me if I’d go with her.

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