Jewish Guy of the Week – Ben

1.) You recently led Jew at the Zoo. Explain.
Jew at the Zoo might have been the best event in the history of the world. I led a tour of about 30 young professional Jews through the National Zoo. I provided lots of important facts like that the sloth bear at the top of the Asia Trail is the same type of bear as Ballou from Jungle Book. Also, the Hyrax is the only animal at the zoo that is found in Israel. I also provided animal crackers for everyone so no one would get hungry and cranky.

2.) You’ve had a fascinating career path. Tell us about it.
My very first job was washing dishes at Kenny Rogers Roasters. After that I had stops at Best Buy, Kohr Brothers/Twist Again (frozen custard and pretzels), Trader Joe’s, and I moonlighted as a DJ. In college, I started doing security for concerts and sporting events and worked backstage for almost every big concert that came through D.C. for a couple of years. I once took Mick Jagger to the bathroom.  Britney Spears also said hi to me once and before Coldplay was really famous, I was stationed outside their dressing room and Chris Martin kept on trying to get me to have a beer with him. I still regret saying no. I have also worked for various local newspapers and I blog for about D.C. Tourism and Travel. For the past four years and eight months I have written about associations for USAE News. And finally, I just accepted a new job, joining the campaign staff of Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-MD).

3.) You’re a Marylander. What’s your favorite part?
Although I was born in Israel I have lived in Maryland, Rockville specifically, my entire life. I think my favorite part is really getting to know the area and have my favorite places that I go to year after year after year. In general I don’t like restaurants or even the idea of them but there are two Rockville restaurants I’ve been going to for more than 20 years: China Taste and Ambrosia. Those in the know call them CT and Amby.

4.) Your music tastes are comparable to a teenage girl. Confirm or deny.
I cannot be any more adamant in my confirmation. I only listened to oldies until middle school when I got caught up in the East Coast/West Coast rap wars and I chose Biggie (Big ups to B.I. up above). Bar/Bat Mitzvah time must be when I first got into “girl” music with the likes of Ace of Base and stuff like that. Now, I have come down with a severe case of Bieber fever and I don’t think I’ll ever be cured. In a 9 day stretch this month I saw NKOTBSB, Glee, and Katy Perry. I think I’ve answered your question sufficiently.

5.) What Jewish events will we see you at this summer?
To be honest, I am not even sure what Jewish events are going on this summer. I will be at the Gather the Jews happy hour on Thursday at Dirty Martini and beyond that, I am open to invitations for future events. If anyone is interested in having a 30-year-old with Bieber fever attend an event, get in touch with Gather the Jews. They’ll know how to reach me.

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