Jewish Girl of the Week – Hannah

New Question:  Why do you deserve to be Jewish Girl of the Year?

Because I’m finally becoming a Bat Mitzvah this summer!


1.) You volunteer at an animal shelter. Tell us about that.


I have volunteered with the Washington Humane Society (WHS) for the past five years. I started volunteering there because I love animals and I couldn’t keep a dog of my own in my apartment. Volunteering at WHS is one of my favorite things to do. I’m a volunteer trainer on staff, so I get to teach the dogs good manners, tricks, and help show them off to potential adopters. Through my involvement with WHS, I was able to help start a group at the State Department—Foreign Affairs Friends of Animals. Through that group, I have been involved in helping evacuate and resettle animals belonging to U.S. government personnel who were evacuated from Egypt, Libya, and Yemen this spring.

2.) You work at the State Department. What do you do there?


I work in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, supporting youth exchange programs. In my work, I bring high school students and teachers from abroad to the United States, and send Americans abroad to other countries for intensive leadership workshops. I get to work with some of the best teenagers across the globe, and they always keep me busy. I’m particularly excited about this summer because we are sending our first group of American Youth Leadership Program participants to Kenya, and I am joining them for the end of their exchange! I have had a lot of fun jobs (U.S. Senate Page, Junior Zookeeper, intern at The Daily Show), but this is the most interesting, challenging, and exciting one.


3.) You’ve been spotted at the Dupont Farmer’s Market. What’s your favorite thing to get?


Sugar snap peas, cherries, and adventure.


4.) Your birthday is coming up. How will you be celebrating?


I’m having a little happy hour with some friends at Tortilla Coast on Capitol Hill on Friday—it should be fun. Everyone is welcome!

5.) Write a Jewish-related Haiku for us.

Benjamin Franklin

Was not a Jew, although he

Was still pretty great.








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