Apple Removes Intifada App

Apple removed an anti-Israel application from its Apps Store this week, in response to appeals from Israeli diplomats and a prominent Jewish anti-discrimination group, the New York Times reported on Thursday.

According to NYTimes business writer Nick Bilton, Apple removed the app for “[violating] the developer guidelines by being offensive to large groups of people.”  The app, “The Third Intifada,” which ostensibly notified people of upcoming protests against Israel, also provided a round up of anti-Israel news and opinion pieces from across cyberspace that frequently contained hate rhetoric and calls to incitement. (For the full article, click here.)

Apple’s choice to remove the app came on the heels of an appeal by Yuli Edelstein, Israeli minister of public affairs, and a statement by the Simon Weisenthal Center, an organization devoted to fighting anti-Semitism.

In March, a page also entitled “Third Intifada” was removed from Facebook, on similar grounds of violating anti-hate and anti-incitement policies.  Facebook’s decision was debated on GTJ’s blog by DC community members Samara Greenberg (“Facebook Was Right”) and Yaakov Roth (“Leave the Facebook Page Up”).

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