AJC Update on Gaza Flotilla II – TODAY

The American Jewish Committee has been working behind the scenes and publicly to oppose “Flotilla II” – a second flotilla intended to break Israel’s naval blockade around Gaza, planned for the last week of June.  The AJC believes that the flotilla movement aims to bolster the despotic Hamas regime and use the guise of humanitarian aid to undermine Israel’s right to defend itself.

In an attempt to disseminate information on this issue, the AJC will host a call this afternoon, to educate people about the organizations and individuals behind Gaza Flotilla II.

Leader: Yehudit Barsky, Director of the AJC Middle East & International Terrorism Department

Date & Time: June 21, 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

To register and log on, click here. (Event Password: flotilla)

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