Girl of the Week – Jessica

1.) You’re an avid collector. Tell us about that.
I come from a family of collectors and so on a family trip to California I started my own collection by buying my first snowglobe. My dad would bring me snowglobes back from business trips, I would get them for birthday and Hanukah presents, from family vacations, etc., and soon I had over 200! At 16, I was invited to join the Smithsonian in their 150th anniversary celebration by displaying my collection in their young collector’s exhibit. My collection and I were also featured on the cover of the Potomac gazette and in a young collectors show on FX. Shortly after that my mother started my second collection – Peach Crest Fenton glass, or as I call it – Pink Fenton. Knowing I had a love for pink, it was the perfect addition to my love of collecting. My paternal grandmother was also a collector and being extremely close to her, she left me her two most important collections when she passed – her clowns and her teapots. I cherish both of these collections just as much as my pink Fenton glass and my snowglobes; they are truly a part of who I am.

2.) You work in television production. What goes on behind the scenes?
Working in TV isn’t always glamorous – especially when you work in government TV like I do. As a little girl I wanted to be the next Katie Couric, but in high school I was introduced to the production side and fell in love with the creativity it allowed me to bring. Government TV isn’t very exciting but I love what I do – I handle all the logistical parts of production. I get to location scout, hold casting calls, travel to new cities, interview exciting people, and work with clients to produce all kinds of multimedia. I smile every time my friends tell me what a cool job I have, but it’s not always thrilling! Most of my days are spent in front of a computer planning and organizing upcoming shoots. It’s not your typical 9 to 5 job, but I wouldn’t trade it in for any other job in the world.

3.) You’ve had many traveling adventures. What was your favorite?
I can only pick one? That’s really hard! My travels started as a young child with many family vacations. When I was 16 I went on USY on Wheels where for 6 weeks, along with 45 other Jewish teens, I traveled by bus around North America. A few years later I traveled to Israel to attend the Alexander Muss High School in Israel – another incredible opportunity. After that I loved to travel to new places and see new things – besides more family vacations like Cape Cod and Hawaii – where I swam with Sharks – I’ve traveled with friends to Vegas and New Orleans. In college I visited Delmarva where I went skydiving – not your typical traveling but an adventure I had to mention! New York City is another favorite destination, I have a lot of friends there so it’s nice to go visit. I also love to go to Chicago to visit my 4 year old nephew Max and my 8 month old niece Ruthie. Next up? I would love to plan a trip to India! There are so many places I would love to see though that someday I hope to travel the globe!

4.) How did you decide to become a youth advisor?
Growing up I was extremely active in USY – it is a huge part of who I am today. I’m still very good friends with many of my USY friends and I love to reminisce about how much fun we used to have at activities, dances and conventions. When the opportunity came up to be a youth advisor at Har Shalom, the same synagogue that I grew up at, I jumped at it. I hope to have a positive influence on these kids, and that they have the same amazing experiences as I did. I am truly blessed that I am able to give back to the synagogue that taught me how important Judaism is and to the Jewish community that taught me so much.

5.) Where can we find you on weekends?
I am such a social butterfly that I’m always out doing something! I love to go out dancing in Bethesda so you can usually find me out bar hopping somewhere in the area. I try to visit my college friends in Baltimore when I can and always have a blast there! I’m much happier in a laid back city like Baltimore than a busy uptight one like DC – although since buying my condo a year ago, Bethesda is definitely home. I also enjoy going to Shir Delight at Adas once a month and do that whenever I can! Life can get so busy it’s nice to have options to enjoy it every once in awhile.

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