Internecine Religious Warfare

It’s often said that we Jews disagree with each other.  Consider the maxim:  “Two Jews, three opinions.”  Or consider the story:  “A Jewish man gets stranded on an island.  The first thing he does is build TWO synagogues.  One he attends.  The other ‘he would NEVER set foot in.'”

But though we might have our internal skirmishes, I’ve never seen anything as hilariously bad in the DC Jewish community as this Catholic vs. Protestant battle (h/t Liz Scoggin).

From two churches across the street from each other (Courtesy of Coding in the Congo)















































There’s more…  Go to Coding in the Congo for the full post.





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  1. Ezra
    Ezra says:

    This is too funny!!! Only simple minded individuals would waste such precious time posting ridiculous theological views on whether dogs have souls and will they journey to heaven. My fellow Jews this is a reflection of a people who have lost sight on what their purpose is suppose to be…building a relationship with God. Granted as a Jew i have no affection for Christological thought…however at least they as Christians should focus on more critical and enlightening issues. Like for example world poverty would be an excellent start!!! Enough said!!


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