Justin Bieber puts Hebrew close to his heart…

It seems to be the week of Jewish fashion gestures for gentile stars.  Yesterday we showed you Sarah Palin’s Jewish bling.  Today, we point you to Jewlicious, where Justin Bieber can be seen shirtless with his new Hebrew script tattoo…  Apparently the botched meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu did not shake his love for the langue of Israel.  Yay!







(Of course, the tattoo does say “Yeshua” … “Jesus”  …  but it’s still in Hebrew!!!)


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  1. Will
    Will says:

    HAH! You do realize that the tattoo spells: “Yeshua” i.e. the man at the center of Christian worship.

    Fun fact: Beiber is a devout Christian, but is very close to his Jewish manager, Scooter Braun. Apparently Beiber joins him in saying Shema before every show.


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