Mitzvah Maker: YAD-MD

GTJ:  We hear there’s a new Jewish group in town…  Tell us about it.

Kelly Paul:  YAD-MD is the Young Adults Division of Magen David Synagogue. We are a Sephardic synagogue located in Rockville, MD, just outside of Washington DC, led by Rabbi Joshua Maroof and his family. Our group was created to introduce young people to our synagogue & to provide opportunities for people to connect.

GTJ:  Ooooh Sephardic?  Is is true that Sephardim are better looking than we Ashkenazi folk?

KP:  Thats a personal preference. On a different note, I can confidently say that sephardim are far superior in terms of food. I’ve never understood ashkenazi food such as gefilte fish. What exactly is in that stuff? I’ve always been scared to try it.

GTJ:  Why did this organization launch recently?  What made it the right time?  Who are the leaders?

KP:   The group was started by myself and two other fabulous ladies, Shelley & Netaly. Rabbi Maroof has been unconditionally supportive of our efforts. If not now, when?

GTJ:  What are some of the events you’ve hosted so far?  And what do you have coming up?

KP:  We’ve had two events so far, a happy hour at ONE Lounge and a Yom Ha’atzmaut BBQ at the synagogue. Both were incredibly successful. Our next event is a Shabbat Dinner on Friday June 10th. Check out our facebook page for more information and to sign up. All the food will be homemade and sephardic-style, I promise it will be very yummy!!/home.php?sk=group_202742076424241

GTJ:  In honor of Shavuot…  Which one of the Ten Commandments is your favorite?

KP:   Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.  Remember to sign up for our shabbat dinner- it is going to be amazing!


To learn more about YAD-MD, visit the group’s facebook page.

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