Still Looking for Memorial Day Plans?

This weekend will be ONE SHABBAT, an opportunity to immerse your mind, body, and soul.

As of TODAY! they are offering scholarships for $100. This will give you an entire weekend of food, sleep, friends, fun, and torah. All you need to do is be there. You can plane, train, or automobile it over.

Read below for a telling of one person’s personal excitement.


By Keith Rosenblum

I am SO excited for this “One Shabbat” Weekend. I have been to events or “shabbatons” before that incorporated some of the things offered this weekend,but nothing has ever been this action packed.

First off the speakers are top notch! I’ve seen both Charlie Harary and RabbiKen Spiro before and they both blew me away! Charlie has some amazing storiesand really leaves you feeling motivated. Rabbi Spiro is both brilliant and comical withhis incredible insights into Jewish history. I’ve heard Malcolm Hoenlein on the radioand I am really excited to hear his commentary on the speeches recently given by President Obama about the Middle East and to AIPAC. I think the coolest part is thatall the speakers are going to be socially available around the program so I canmingle with them too!

Every Jew LOVES good food and this weekend is chock full of it. I happened to geta sneak peek at the menu and was totally blown away by both the quality and thequantity of food. Every meal has an amazing variety of dishes and in between themeals there is a hospitality room filled with all sorts of goodies!

What excites me most though is the atmosphere that will be created at thisweekend. There is something special about people coming together in unison andthere is nothing that can unite the Jews better than Shabbat! I look forward tomeeting all sorts of interesting Jewish people from all walks of life. I can’t wait to eatwith them, sing with them, dance with them and share an experience that I’m surewill impact me for years to come.

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