Higher taxes coming to DC? Blame the (young professional) Jews!

David Rosenblatt and Zac Teutsch want to raise your DC taxes…

The two young professional DC Jews — together with Jews United for Justice — worry that the DC government might reduce its budget deficit “by slashing safety-net services for the poor.”

Their solution?  Raise taxes on affluent young professionals and the wealthy.

“I?personally have the capacity to pay more taxes and would love to do so” in order to preserve critical social programs, said Teutsch, who would not be affected by Gray’s tax proposal. “I’m willing to pay more than a modest amount of money.”

Ilya Shapiro — former Jewish guy of the week — offers a response.

“It sounds like this group is confusing tzedakah … with coercing everybody to pay [more] taxes,” said Ilya Shapiro, 33, a senior fellow in constitutional studies at the libertarian Cato Institute. “There’s nothing preventing people from donating more to the D.C. Treasury. If you want to pay more, you’re welcome to do so.”

Given D.C.’s history of mismanagement and waste, Shapiro noted, it makes more sense for concerned citizens to contribute to charities, rather than the city’s coffers. “The D.C.?bureaucracy is famously one of the more inefficient ones,” he explained. “If you’re thinking of increasing or improving social services, there are better ways of doing that then giving more tax revenue to the D.C. government.”

I happen to think that private charity is a more efficient solution to the needs of the city’s poor…  But nonetheless, I found the article amusing.  It sure does seem like we Jews are at the vanguard of a lot of political idea (good and bad).

Read the full article at the Washington Jewish Week.


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