Street Meat: 6th and Rye

The Taster Platter


Today marks the beginning of a new epoch and era. Finally the Street Truck scene in DC has made it way into the Jewish Community thanks to the efforts of 6th and Eye Synagogue. Many folks came out from all over DC to see what the meat on the street was all about.

The event started off with Executive Director, Esther Foer, thanking all the people and parties who were responsible for making this magical meat treat a reality. Later, a Rabbi ordained the food by lifting his chip to the sky, his mouth to microphone, and pronouncing the blessing on ‘Fruits from the Field’. After that, the crowd of media and friends politely approached the truck tasting a couscous item, a mixed slaw, a dill pickle, and a corned beef sandwich.

Gather The Jews wants to warmly welcome Sixth and Rye to the street eat scene, and wish them all the best of luck on their future food fun.


The Crowd Ready To Gnosh


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