Pinkberry… Fail!

Pinkberry has now been in DC for a couple weeks (Dupont Circle, Conn Ave., right next to Lucky Bar), so I decided it was time to have my first Pinkberry “experience.”

I tried one of the flavors (can’t remember which… coconut?), but then I ordered a medium chocolate.  No toppings.

Went to register… $6.00…

I said, “I’m sorry; I didn’t get any toppings.”

Response:  “Yep.  A medium with no toppings is $6 with tax.”

This is about $2 more than other frozen yogurt shops.  And there was NO “experience.”  I just walked right in and ordered.  No games, no interaction, etc.

Thanks California, but you can keep Pinkberry.

I’ll stick with locally (and Jewishly) owned Mr. Yogato (better prices, just as many toppings, and trivia, games, etc.) and SweetGreen (better price)

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